Nuclear Fission and Fusion


Nuclear Fission and Fusion

Our products and bespoke designs have a variety of applications within the Nuclear Energy Sector, both Nuclear Fission and Fusion extensively use hard and exotic materials that we are experts in machining.

This is partly due to the hostile temperatures that they operate in and the length of time the components are required to perform without any issues, but also because of the accuracy and tolerance that can be achieved and maintained in hard materials.

Many components, such as radiation shields, used in these processes are made from Inconel due to its superior heat resistance strength and stiffness, excellent reliability and abrasive wear resistance.

We understand that significant research, development and testing are required on any nuclear product application and we are able to provide support from conception and product design to prototype parts, small batches up to larger production runs.

Here at Hardmetal Engineering we employ a full material traceability structure for all our products.

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