Tungsten Carbide Oil and Gas Components.

Here at Hardmetal Engineering we specialise in machining Tungsten, Nickel and Chrome Carbide products. We manufacture various Tungsten Carbide components designed for the oil industry, including;

  • Carbide wear parts
  • Carbide seal rings
  • Design specific piston and valve components

Our experience within this industry has taught us how valuable product life is. We would usually make suggestions from a variety of available Carbides, the most suitable material for harsh working environments such as subsea and/or continual wearing.

In subsea environments Nickel Carbide provides reliable durability, therefore reducing expensive downtime due to replacement or repair.

We are positive that we can provide a more efficient, longer lasting solution to suit your requirements.

We also pride ourselves on the ability to craft compact Tungsten Carbide gas components including;

  • Carbide flow parts
  • Carbide flow trim
  • Carbide seat components and assemblies

Tungsten Carbide is a perfect material for use in challenging wear applications such as the control of material flows in pumps.

Hardmetal Engineering do not typically manufacture stock carbide parts, each part is individual to your specifications and is then held as customer specific stock for your use only. We excel in producing intricate and compact unique parts for the most demanding of situations, from prototypes to full production runs.

We pride ourselves on our levels of quality and commitment to each customer. Our customer focused approach allows us to accurately monitor each stage of your project from the initial enquiry through to your after sales requirements.

Hardmetal also provide refurbishing and reverse engineering to upgrade your current components to more suitable materials, which will increase performance and product life.

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