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Subcontract Machining

We have over 30 years of experience of subcontract machining and are accredited to ISO 9001:2008.

We are a UK based precision engineering company who specialise in manufacturing compact bespoke parts machined from hard metals. Our machinery, tooling and equipment is geared up to working with some of the hardest materials on the planet, and our extensive expertise in this area are second to none.

We are conscious that considerable research, development and testing are required on any renewable product application and we are able to provide support from conception and product design to prototype parts, small batches up to larger production runs.

We specialise in producing a wide range of parts with a variety of different materials for a broad spectrum of industries. We are experts in close tolerance working (normally within 4 microns) on Kovar, Tantalum, Titanium, Tool Steel, Inconel, Super Duplex, Tungsten Carbide and sintered materials, to name a few.

Below is our subcontract machining capacity list, stating maximum parameters, however we do have a list of companies who subcontract for us, if any of the capacities fall short of your machining requirements.

  • Milling max 1500mm X 500mm X 400mm
  • Turning diameter 1mm to 356mm
  • Turning length up to 1 metre
  • Surface Grinding 600mm X 300mm
  • Cylindrical Grinding 150mm X 700mm
  • Internal Grinding 370mm
  • Wire EDM 600mm X 400mm X 350mm
  • Spark Erosion 350mm X 250mm X 350mm

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