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Welding Electrode Store Ltd and its wholly owned subsidiary Hardmetal Engineering (Cornwall) Ltd are precision engineering companies supplying components to the automotive, aerospace, medical, process control and general engineering industries.

 The companies operate a quality management system (QMS) and are committed to its compliance with EN/ISO 9001:2008. The QMS is designed to achieve customer satisfaction and includes both methods and commitment to achieving continual improvement. The company’s quality objectives include customer satisfaction, by ensuring all contracts are completed to agreed requirements for specification, cost, and delivery integrity. Additional objectives include those of financial performance, growth, safety of employees and visitors, training and environmental impact. The QMS provides a framework for establishing, monitoring and reviewing company quality objectives. The QMS objectives and performance in meeting those objectives are periodically reviewed by the company’s top management. The results of these reviews are communicated throughout the whole organisation. 

The directors and employees of the company are committed to compliance with, use of, and improvement to the QMS.

Andrew Hosking
Managing Director

Issue 7 August 2015

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