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CNC Milling

CNC Milling

WES Engineering’s CNC precision milling service offers a cost-effective precision solution – with rapid processing speeds. We have a large range of milling centres including the 5 axis HAAS UMC750, HAAS VF2 SuperSpeed and an XYZ LPM machining centre as well as HAAS VF-4 Super Speed, with an impressive work area of X=1270mm, Y=508mm, Z=635mm. Our latest machine is the Matsuura H.Plus-300 which offers 24/7 lights out machining for maximum efficiency, low cost, high precision CNC milling. Large batch CNC Precision Milling is a speciality of ours. We offer 3 axis precision milling , 4 axis precision milling and 5 axis precision milling. We use this method on many different types of metals and alloys, such as Aluminium, Steels, Monel, Titanium, Tool Steel, Tungsten, Carbide, Tantalum, Super Duplex and Inconel.

The Matsuura is particularly useful for large batch Aluminium CNC Precision Milling.

5 Axis CNC milling Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset & UK

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Unique parts for the most demanding situations, from prototypes to full production runs. Our highly experienced designers will support your machining project from start to finish.



Industry wide we are recognised for our precision CNC machining, advanced infrastructure and engineering excellence

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From Tungsten Carbide to Inconel to Aluminium and everything in between, we work with a wide range of metals

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