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Tool Room

Tool Room

Our heritage, experiences and engineering legacy affords us the opportunity to have a wide range of tooling available to us. These include a 50 and 100 ton vertical hydraulic press, a rotary gun arm bending machine, shunt making cells with special CNC machine, heat treatment and hardness testing facilities and a full range of support equipment, including: CNC sawing, welding, brazing, bead-blasting, wet blasting and assembly equipment.

You name it, we’ve got it or have access to it!


Our Capabilities

Unique parts for the most demanding situations, from prototypes to full production runs. Our highly experienced designers will support your machining project from start to finish.



Industry wide we are recognised for our precision CNC machining, advanced infrastructure and engineering excellence

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From Tungsten Carbide to Inconel to Aluminium and everything in between, we work with a wide range of metals

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