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Cornwall manufacturer benefitting from Coronavirus hit supply chain

Disruption in the supply of components to a number of key industries including aerospace, oil, gas and automotive, has led to an increase in orders and production for precision engineers WES Hardmetal Engineering.

The Redruth based hardmetal specialists commonly face a fierce field of competitors from across the globe but the challenging production and supply chain conditions, impacted on by the unforeseen coronavirus, has delivered a rapid spike in sales for WES.

James Gazzard, Group Commercial Manager of WES Hardmetal Engineering says: “The risk associated with supply chains originating in Asia has been highlighted by the coronavirus. The typically long lead times, associated with imported components, has fortunately enabled us to satisfy several customer requests to make parts in the UK, instead of China, within the original time frames. The challenge for part supply has seen home grown British manufacturing deliver solutions, keeping the wheels of industry moving.

One customer has already said they will not be returning to their previous supplier due to the increased quality and turnaround, despite higher costs in the UK. British manufacturing and engineering is alive and well and with increased export barriers on the way, our home market is becoming increasingly important.”

With the impact of the virus likely to last for a number of months, it is hoped that this recent interest and growth in British manufacturing supply remains. With customers recognising the benefits of quality of manufacture, security of delivery and therefore negative disruption to customer production timelines, this is an opportunity for British manufacturing to showcase its capabilities.