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WES commit to achieving Net Zero targets

The manufacturing sector generally uses a lot of energy in order to process or produce new components. WES are no different and use a lot of electric to run the factory which is operating in some capacity 24/7. Commercial Director, James Gazzard, explains “Having identified the opportunity to measure and improve our environmental impact we signed up to the South West Manufacturing Service’s ‘Make it Net Zero’ program with the intention of achieving zero impact on the environment as soon as possible.” The company already has relatively good green credentials with solar panels covering the roof and a number of environmental programs in place to reduce their carbon footprint, but there is always more that can be done.

SWMAS have produced a report which measures the organisations existing carbon footprint and provides a number of potential actions to further improve this in the future, “based on the report’s findings and recommendations we will be working towards a 50% reduction in carbon in the next few years”, added Mr Gazzard, “we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment for the benefit of current and future generations.