WES Health and Safety Policy

WES is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees, by all practicable means within its power.

It is the responsibility of each employee to co-operate with management to enable all relevant statutory duties to be met. Each individual employee, whilst at work, has a legal obligation to take reasonable care for his or her conduct. The main objective is to ensure the safety of all its employees, customers and the general public who may come into contact with work being carried out by WES.

In order to achieve this, working practices have been established to achieve a safe, healthy and injury free operation by means of :-

  • Safe and healthy working environment.
  • The provision of all necessary amenities within the working premises.
  • The provision and maintenance of safe plant, machinery and equipment.
  • Effective and responsible management and supervision.
  • Appropriate training of employees as necessary.
  • The provision of specialist advice.
  • Active encouragement of feedback from employees concerning all aspects of health and safety, and their general working practices.
  • The continual identification, monitoring and control of all potential hazards to the health and safety of its employees, customers and the general public.

The company expects all employees to recognise that they have a clear duty to take all reasonable precautions to avoid any injury to themselves, their colleagues, customers and members of the general public. The Managing Director has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that statutory obligations in respect of Health & Safety matters are met. Managers and team leaders are also responsible for the implementation of this policy within their respective areas.

Andrew Hosking
Managing Director
May 2003