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Hardness: Brinell 800 MPa

Characteristics: Tantalum is a rare, shiny, grey, dense metal. Its highly ductile properties mean it can be turned into wire. Its chemical properties are very similar to those of niobium. Tantalum has a high level of corrosion resistance due to the formation of an oxide film. It has high conductivity for both heat and electricity. The metal has a melting point of 2998 degrees Celsius, exceeded only by tungsten and rhenium. Tantalum is one of the twelve refractory metals (metals with very high resistance to heat, corrosion and wear), although only five are frequently used, including; tungsten, molybdenum, rhenium and niobium.

Uses: Tantalum is widely used to fashion electrolytic capacitors, due to its conductivity and as acid distillation and condensation plates due to its high anticorrosion properties. Here at Hardmetal we provide parts for the construction of nuclear reactors, aircraft and tantalum carbide is added to some grades of cemented carbides to make cutting tools because it provides a high resistance to mechanical shock and a low coefficient of friction. It is also used to construct alloys to increase strength, ductility and corrosion resistance.

Tantalum is inert to body tissues and fluids and therefore has many applications in dentistry and surgery. It is used for surgical implants, for wire gauze and for internal plates.

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